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A Biker Lane Is Added to Grove Street

July 10, 2019

Jersey City has become the melting pot we all know and love, some have called it a smaller New York City. Filled with unique restaurants, small businesses, the Newport Mall, and a multitude of events to bring us all together as a community. While Jersey City continues to grow at a steady rate, it is a huge attraction for commuters. Long overdue, a brand new bike lane has been added to our city streets! This bike lane creates a safer space for those who chose to lessen their carbon footprint. Reduced injuries and accidents are what this new green pathway provides. We captured this photo outside of The Sutherlin Group office located at 304 Grove Street. As local agents, this bike lane came as a surprise, but we love what it brings to the city. It is much simpler to just grab a Citi Bike at any of the nearby stations and cycle to your destination or PATH station.

What does the bike lane mean for businesses? According to the NYC Department of Transportation installing bike lanes increased business by 49%. Streets in the surrounding area that did not have bike lanes saw sales increase by 3%. For you business owners out there, you should take advantage of the bikers passing by. You bikers out there, you should support your local small businesses as it is now much easier to visit the eclectic shops and restaurants that Jersey City has to offer.

At the Sutherlin Group, we are all environmentally conscious, so we fully support more bikes and fewer cars. We hope that within the next year there will be an increase in the number of bikes being used in Downtown Jersey City and the surrounding areas. The more bikers the merrier; traffic on the roadway will be reduced, wear and tear on the roadway will decrease, reduce pollution, and we hope that it creates a healthier community environment, here’s to the green pavement for a greener Jersey City. 

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