Downtown Hoboken

Downtown Hoboken is an ideal place for families and young professionals.


Welcome to Downtown Hoboken

A lively town with bustling nightlife and high walkability.

Who needs the Big Apple when you’ve got the energy, culinary delights, and walkability of Downtown Hoboken? Coveted for its stellar restaurant and bar scene, youthful vibe, and friendly, intimate community feel, this thriving metropolis is an ideal alternative to Manhattan.
Although Hoboken covers only a single mile, the town packs a punch in terms of activity, dining, shopping, and lifestyle. An urban grid design, this exciting neighborhood is lined with gorgeous Victorian row houses, converted waterfront properties, and historical architecture. Back in the mid-19th century, factories were big business and the waterfront location was key to the success of the city. Today, the factories have been converted into chic lofts and condos. 
With plenty of parks, bike paths, walking trails, and an incredible public transportation system, Downtown Hoboken is an ideal place for families and young professionals, while the historical beauty and impressive architecture make this city a delight to call home.

What to Love

  • Tight-knit community
  • Easy access to Manhattan and Brooklyn
  • Incredible views of the NYC skyline
  • Pristine parks and gorgeous green space

People and Lifestyle

With its easy access to New York City, a variety of pristine parks, and energetic nightlife, Downtown Hoboken is the perfect home for young professionals and families. Residents typically work in the city and love the quick, easy commute. With wide-open green space to play a game of catch with the kids or throw the ball for the family pup, Downtown Hoboken provides a leafy oasis of tranquility and activity, and residents treasure it as a peaceful respite from the hectic pace of city life.

Dining, Entertainment, and Shopping

Although New York City is a quick trip across the Hudson, Downtown Hoboken offers such an impressive array of restaurants and boutiques that residents are happy to stay in their own backyard for dinner. For a taste of Cuba, leave your passport at home and head to La Isla Restaurant, where Havana meets Miami in Hoboken. An institution in downtown Hoboken since 1970, this is a local favorite. 
Madison Bar and Grill is known as the It spot for young professionals, while Blue Eyes Restaurant provides the best views of the New York skyline. This light-filled, modern Italian bistro provides riverfront patio seating and a Frank Sinatra theme.

Things to Do

The Sinatra pride is strong in Hoboken, the hometown of Old Blue Eyes, and the beautiful Sinatra Park is a fitting namesake. This gorgeous waterfront park offers a kayak launch, soccer field, an amphitheater, and spectacular views of Manhattan. Located along the Hudson River Waterfront, Pier C Park is a recreation pier with scenic views of New York City, a fishing pier, playground, a water play area, and a promenade. Bird enthusiasts will be pleased to know there’s even a rookery. Church Square Park, an ideal place for a day out with the family, and the family’s furry friends, provides a playground, basketball court, and dog run.

Not to be outdone by its flashy neighbor, Downtown Hoboken brings its fair share of artistic and cultural events, such as the beloved Hoboken Arts and Music Festival. Showcasing oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, sculpture, mixed media, and photography, as well as children’s activities and an incredible selection of cuisine that spans the globe, the festival is a celebration of all things arts, crafts, food, and fun.

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